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At Instaveg, we’re more than just a business – we’re a mission-driven social enterprise dedicated to empowering communities and driving meaningful change. With nearly three years of intensive research into cutting-edge vegetable production technologies, we’ve honed our expertise to bring you the freshest, highest-quality produce possible.

But our commitment goes beyond just delivering exceptional vegetables. By forging partnerships with farmers throughout East Africa, we’ve built a strong and sustainable supply chain that not only supports local agriculture but also uplifts livelihoods.

InstaVeg revolutionizes agriculture in East Africa, empowering farmers and communities alike. Through cutting-edge technology and a robust supply chain, we deliver fresh, sustainable produce while transforming lives. Join us in cultivating a brighter, greener future, one vegetable at a time.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Fair Trade Sourcing

Ecological & Sustainable


No Animal Testing (Cruelty-Free)

No Artificial Colors

Instaveg Commitment to Sustainable Supply Chain

We’re dedicated to producing 100% natural vegetable extracts, utilizing methods that preserve vital nutrients, and empowering women and youth across our sourcing and supply chain. Our commitment to a chemical and additive-free extraction process ensures the purity and integrity of our products

Our Core Values


S- Sustainability


P- Professionalism


I- Innovation


C- Customer centric





Our Mission

To innovatively implement sustainable farming practices, safe processing and packaging as we efficiently serve local and international market

Our Vision

The most preferred supplier of nourishing fresh fruits and vegetables

Socially Ethical

We strongly believe that we have an obligation to conduct our business in ways that benefit the society. From training East African smallholder farmers for improved production, using environmentally friendly processes to supporting communities around us, we remain committed to a healthy balance between the ecosystem and the economy, for prosperity and advancement of a healthier, happier society.


We work together with local research institutions and the smallholder farmers associations, whose expertise will help further improve yields for farmers, and provide additional training and support. Year-round, partnering & working closely with the farmers to ensure that they understand the organic requirements and provide instruction in farm management, organic fertilization, and pruning.

Production Safety

We are at the forefront of complying with all standards pertaining to production safety in processing allowing us to supply clients around the world. Ours is an honest dedication that starts with our farmers all the way to the final consumer. Our mobile phone-based traceability system enables us to trace the specific lot and farm that each container of our natural oils comes from.

Sustainable value chain relationships

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